BlackBerry Spy Apps Exposed! Do They Really Work? Find Out Here


Being a mother of two and housewife I find I have very little time at all for myself and I, like most mothers, are always worried about the safety of my children. Unfortunately, trying to get information from children is virtually impossible and the more you try, the more they want to hide things from you.

Recently I have come across a number of BlackBerry spy apps ads and wanted to see if these apps really work and do what they say they can do.

In short, the answer is YES they do work and they work surprisingly well.

To my delight these apps allow me to keep a close eye on my family without them needing to know I am watching and I can do it from anywhere I have internet access.

How BlackBerry Spy Apps Work?

Simple. First you need to install the application on their phones. Since I purchased the phones for my children I just installed the application easily through the BlackBerry web browser before giving it to them. It takes only about 5 minutes to install.

Once installed, the application will start sending data to the companies website and I can immediately start monitoring a large amount of information that is collected from the phones 24-7.

They track everything I could possibly need to know.

  • GPS Location tracking
  • All Call Logs
  • Text Messeges (PIN, SMS, MMS, BlackBerry Messenger Messages)
  • All Emails
  • New media files (pictures, videos, audio)
  • Contacts, Calendar, Notes

As well as tracking all of this data you can also send commands to the phone for various special tasks.

  • Send me a SMS whenever they are on a call (provide watch number or blank for all numbers)
  • Record audio clip from the phones microphone and email it to me
  • Have the phone call me so I can listen in on the phones surroundings
  • Allow me to auto join in on current call in progress

You might be thinking wow how can one application do all of this. Well apparently it does. These people at MobileZenith have managed to cram all these features into their TrackWary Pro application with more coming apparently according to their support guys.

How Do You View The Data?

Most of the data collected is viewable online from the TrackWary Center (call logs, contacts, sms, etc). You can even view the collected GPS data graphically from a map with pins showing last location captured along with date/time.

Other data is emailed to you. This includes the emails received or sent from the phone, and all new media files (pictures, videos and audio) and the chat logs for BlackBerry Messenger.

Other Uses

It is pretty clear that these BlackBerry spy applications could be used for other purposes such as tracking a cheating spouse, or monitoring employees. Whether it would be legal or not I can not say as I am not a lawyer. At least in the employees case, companies should be allowed to install software on their equipment to monitor the usage and the whereabouts of it.

For monitoring your children, they are extremely useful applications to protect against the many dangers faced by children in the world we live in today.

Protect Yourself From BlackBerry Spy Apps SCAMS!

There are a large number of ads right now and many are flat out SCAMS. I fell for one that claimed you can install the application through Bluetooth and so you do not need the phone in your hand to install the application.

This I found out the hard way is simple not possible. You cannot install BlackBerry applications remotely on a phone without access to the phone. Any ad suggesting that their application can do this is a SCAM. Run from it as fast as you can.

If you think you would like to purchase one of these applications you should also make sure the company you purchase from has a money back guarantee.

How To Capture Cell Phone Conversations With Mobile Phone Spy

How To Capture Cell Phone Conversations and actually listen in to them

There are lots of cell phone spy programs out there. A couple of them are great. Many of them are okay. One or two of them are terrible. One of the most basic features of the cell phone spying program is the ability to catch details of phone conversations incoming calls and outgoing calls. Most mobile phone spying programs will provide you with the information regarding a mobile phones calls such as:

  1. if it was an incoming or outgoing call
  2. the time of the call
  3. the phone number the person dialed, if it was an outgoing call, or the number of the person who called the mobile phone with the spy program on it, if it was an incoming call

A few mobile telephone spy apps actually lets you listen in on the conversation itself. The way it works is when the phone with the spy app installed either receives or makes a phone call, your phone (you specify the phone number you wish to receive events and notifications from in your members area)  gets a text message from the mobile phone spy server letting you know this person has just received or made a phone call the instant it happens.

At that point you dial that person’s number and instead of them hearing their mobile device ring they don’t hear anything. You get tapped into the phone conversation as a silent third-party. In other words you can listen in to what both people in a phone conversation are saying as if you are in a conference call but neither of the two people can hear you.

How an iPad Spy App Can Help Parents Monitor Their Children’s iPad Use

There is now a new tool for parents who want an easy way to monitor their children’s iPad. The software is similar to any parental monitoring product for PCs, but is now available for the hot new iPad.

The software is called an iPad spy app in the media, but the software is advertised purely as a monitoring application for parents or employers.

As more children get their hands on an iPad, parents need a way to ensure their children are not visiting websites that you’ve restricted, or emailing someone they shouldn’t be. Using an iPad spy app, parents have a way to easily monitor their children’s activity on their iPad, and then make their own decision to intervene.


An iPad spy app is a small application that you install directly on an iPad. Once installed, it will secretly start to record various “events” that occur on an iPad. These events are then silently uploaded to a remote account where you can access them using any internet connected device that has a web browser.

Here is a breakdown of what it can do.

Read emails – This feature will enable you to read emails that are sent or received on an iPad. This feature works even if the emails are deleted as soon as they are read. For parents who want to keep an eye on who their children email, this is a very valuable feature.

View Browser History – With this feature, you’ll get full visibility into the browser history of the iPad user. No more wondering which websites they are visiting. The great thing about this feature is that it will work even if the history is immediately deleted. This means even if your children immediately delete their browser history when visiting websites, you’ll still be able to see what they were doing.

View Contacts (new or old) – This feature enables you to easily view every contact on the iPad.

View Photos – This feature will enable parents to see all the photos stored on their children’s iPad. Very valuable for parents who want to see the type of photos that their children are downloading and/or sharing with their friends.

Now that you know what an iPad spy app is, what it can do, & how it can help parents monitor their children’s iPad use, you can decide for yourself if this is something you want to use to keep an eye on your children.