Spyware Protection That is Awarding, Winning and Free – Stop Spies Before They Stop You

You may not know it, but your may be spied upon or stalked via the internet right now. Spyware silently works in the background and can even keep a record of your internet browsing habits. It can create a profile on you and your habits. This information is then sold to advertising companies so that they can market products to you. This is invasive, annoying and difficult to stop. The spyware programs used can cause your browser to crash; your home pages could be altered or used in phishing schemes. Without protection and detection of these programs working in the background, you may not even know that you are being used. In some cases it takes a long period of time for the spyware programs to cause damage to your computer, and you may not know that there is anything wrong until you start getting advertising messages, nasty pop ups that won’t go away, or eventually you will notice problems with your computer systems.

One way of protecting your computer from this type of spying is a software program called, Spybot – Search and Destroy, which recently released the 1.5.2 version, detects and removes spyware. Although you may already have anti-virus software, antivirus detection does not always include spyware protection or detect spyware threats.

Not only can Spybot be used to protect your computer, but, it is free to use. And it is good. It won the PC Magazine’s Editor Choice Award and PC World calls it “the best.”

Some of the unique features of this anti spyware software are:

-It takes just minutes. Spybot is able to be fast and still be thorough by focusing on the specific places spyware programs will have to invade.

– It provides for safe removal of: adware, spyware, dialers, key loggers, Trojans, and usage tracks.

– Spybot-Search and Destroy can also clean usage tracks, protecting your privacy, and stopping other users from seeing the “tracks” of where you go on the internet.

-A unique function is the “immunize” control feature. This feature enables the program to reject certain recognized spyware programs before they can invade your computer’s hard drive.

– Some other features of Spybot includes the: safe removal of threats by shredding them, backups of every removed problem, and free support by e-mail or discussion forum.

The name key logger was coined back in DOS days where computers where handled just by using a keyboard. The “keyloggers” just logged the keys you press. The spy needed physical access. Modern keyloggers are much improved. They don’t need physical access. They can log the keys you press; make screenshots to show what Windows you’re using, and gather information about your internet usage.

There are two options available with Spybot Search and Destroy. You may choose from an Easy mode that comes with all the basic features and does all the work for you. If you are an experienced computer user or professional, there is also the Advanced option, for those who want options for more control over settings or skins. Both the Easy and the Advanced mode are Free.

Not only does the computer protect your information but it can also be used to test the effectiveness of your current spyware program and allow you to choose which one you want to keep. You may be surprised, by the results of your test. Steve Bass, PC World was:

“…I discovered an app that outshines Ad-aware: Spybot Search and Destroy. Both Ad-aware and Spybot are free, so I downloaded and ran them both, and then I compared the results. (If you do this, make sure to set the programs to find spyware, not remove it, during the test.) The score? Ad-aware found 9 items (cookies and one false-positive program), while Spybot red-flagged 26 items (cookies and two spy apps). Guess which of the two I always use now?”

With the ever changing programs used to spy and stalk users of the Internet, as well as to “trick” them into viewing advertising, it is absolutely essential for every day computer users and businesses to have protection against spyware. Spybot-Search and Destroy covers Internet usage tracks, removes and even prevents invaders. Use of this type of product protects the information on your computer, as well as yourself and your family. Don’t become a victim of spyware; use the tools available to you for free, to protect yourself and your information.

Monitor Employees And Teens With iPhone Spy Software

Modern Technology has brought us yet another advanced application in the form of iPhone spy software. The powerful monitoring features are now available on a smart phone. Now everyone can learn the truth about what is going on behind their back. Logging into your account from any web browser will reveal the truth without anyone’s knowledge.

The hybrid software allows for the monitoring of an iPhone in real time, results can be viewed after logging into a secure online control panel from a computer or phone, entering user name and password will allow you to see recorded results immediately. No more wondering what happens when you are not around is a truly comforting thought and it will be invisible to those you do not want to know.

Included in the purchase of iPhone spy software is the following; a instant download after purchasing, easy to follow step by step instructions, a customized user name for log in account. Customers also receive 24 hour online technical support, and free updates about all new and current applications.

The other advantage about the powerful features are that it is compatible to earlier models of iPhones, so there is no need to upgrade to new phones to have the ability to track and monitor events you would like to be informed of. The installation does not require any technical skills either and the easy and quick installation will only take up to a maximum 15 minutes and it will be ready for use. No computer is required either, the download as well as installation gets done directly to the phone itself.

The iPhone spy software has very effective features and it can be purchased online, after which it gets downloaded onto the phone with the use of the web browser. After installation it requires simple set up steps followed by the configuration of the application to customize the times and period required for the recorded logs to be sent. The type of events needed to be recorded also has to be established at the same time.

Individuals should take note that the iPhone needs to jail-broken in order to install the spy software successfully. The fortunate part is the fact that the applications will remove icons as well as any other information which will indicate that it is jail-broken. After this procedure is followed and everything is installed you simply log into the online account that has to be set up upon purchase from the particular iPhone software vendor. Any internet connection can be used to access the newly opened account from where the recorded data can be accessed.

There are quite a large number of features to be found which will include the following: the viewing of photos and videos that have been sent and received, stealth GPS tracking which will track every move, viewing of call history, browser history, bookmarks, remote monitoring and more.

The ability monitor what is going on behind your back with the powerful monitoring features that remains stealth is growing increasingly popular. Results can be obtained simply by logging in from any internet based browser or computer by entering user name and password. This iPhone spy software gives you the ability to see exactly what your kids are up to when you are not present.

They may be using the phone during all hours of the night, texting while driving or with the powerful GPS tracking any parent will feel safer knowing where their kids are without them even knowing that you are aware of their activities. Business owners have the comfort and advantage over employees by tracking them as well as ensuring their commitment and honesty, especially if they work with your company’s secrets.

iPhone Spy Apps Where You Can Get Them

There are a lot of people that have iPhones, and that number is rising daily. A lot of employers, worried parents, and suspicious spouses are wondering, which iPhone spy app will help them. They are a lot of companies that provide these applications for the iPhone. But there are only a few that truly work like they are supposed to.

Spouse spy is the very best company that supplies this app. It has the most features and out spies, all the other apps. These features include e-mail logging, call logging, text logging, and GPS location. It saves all this information directly to a log file on a computer, and not on the phone itself can, all you need to view this information is a computer with an Internet connection.

The iPhone spy app is undetectable and can not be found by the iPhone user. It runs secretly in the background and sends all the information to a computer. You will be able to see all the incoming and outgoing calls you will be able to see all of the text messages that come in and go well, along with the phone numbers. It also saves all incoming and outgoing e-mail addresses. You will also be able to read each and every e-mail.

The iPhone spy app will let you read every text message that comes or goes out. It will also show you the phone numbers that the text messages are coming in from or going out to. You can also see the exact location of the phone through the GPS locator. It will show exactly where the phone knows on a map at all times. You will also be able to see the person’s contacts along with everything they have on their events calendar.

One of the best parts is the GPS locator. If their phone ever gets stolen or lost. You can see exactly where it is. If your phone is still one. You can provide this information to the local police, and they can go and recover your phone and make an arrest.

This iPhone spy app has so many uses but it can also be used as a backup for all your phone activities. This is great for people that tend to lose their e-mails, text messages, or even important phone numbers. It doesn’t matter what reason you need this app for, because it will come in handy in so many ways. You will be so happy that you have this.